Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers can break down from time to time. But did you know that repairing your appliance is more cost-efficient than replacing it? You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to replace an entire unit when you can repair a small internal component for a lot less.

Ignoring the problem is never the right solution. If you live in the Cornelius area, contact Mark’s Appliance Repair. We have years of experience dealing with dishwashers of every brand and model. Our technicians are highly certified and skilled and can offer you a viable solution to your problem.


Common Signs That Your Dishwasher Needs Repairing


If you’re not sure if your dishwasher needs attention, then look at the list below. These are the most common signs that your dishwasher needs servicing.


Worn Out Latch

If your dishwasher doesn’t close properly, then your dishes won’t be cleaned properly. One of our highly trained technicians can repair the latch and get it back to peak performance.


Cool Water

The water in your dishwasher should always be hot. If the leftover water is cool to the touch or lukewarm, then give our team a call.


Dirty Dishes After a Wash Cycle

In this case, the pump assembly may be worn and need repairing. The spray armholes and the heating element may need servicing, as well. Our team is more than qualified to deal with all of the above.


Strange Humming

If your dishwasher begins to hum and then turns off, then the motor is most likely to blame. Our specialists can determine if the motor is at fault and then repair it.


Cracks in the Appliance

Your dishwasher won’t clean your dishes properly if it is riddled with obvious cracks. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible and we will have your dishwasher repaired in record time.


Rusty Appliance

Rust in your dishwasher is never a good sign. Something is not working as it should.


Pools of Water

This is the most obvious sign that your dishwasher needs servicing. It is normal to find small puddles of water at the bottom of the dishwasher after a wash cycle. However, if you noticed larger pools, then that is indicative that the machine is faulty.


Call Mark’s Appliance Repair of Cornelius, NC

If you notice that your dishwasher needs some professional servicing, contact us. We are a certified and reputable repair service that has years of experience handling all the household appliances on the market. Our team of highly trained technicians have the skills necessary to troubleshoot the issues on your dishwasher and offer you a viable solution. Get in touch with our office today to get started.