Brands We Repair

At Mark’s Appliance Repair, we have extensive experience with every major household appliance on the market. Here is an outline of some of the appliance brands that we service:



This South Korean electronics mogul, over its eighty years of being in the business, has also become a trusted supplier of world-class appliances. They offer a wide array of home appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Even though Samsung offers high-quality products, they still can break down sometimes. Mark’s has years of experience dealing with Samsung products. We can get your Samsung appliance up and running in no time.



Another South Korean electronics mogul, LG also boasts a wide array of appliances. They have become staples of the upper-class homes in Cornelius due to their innovative features and their sleek aesthetic. They offer stackable laundry machines, various dishwasher makes, as well as refrigerators with large front windows. Our technicians have gone through the training necessary to properly service all of your LG products.



Over its 125 years of existence, Bosch has managed to gain the reputation as one of the top three appliance manufacturers in the world. They have won numerous awards for their aesthetically pleasing and practical appliances. If your Bosch appliance is acting up, Mark’s is more than equipped to deal with it.



GE came on the scene in 1982 in New York. Since then, they have been designing appliances that not only set trends but positively impact your life and your household. The revolutionary technology that they use takes into account advancements in technology, as well as future generations. If your GE appliances are causing you problems, then call Mark’s Appliance Repair and we will have it up and running in no time.




Frigidaire has gained the reputation as one of the most popular brands in the world. They specialize in laundry and kitchen appliances. In spite of their reliability and innovative accessories, their products can break down. We can assess your Frigidaire appliances and pinpoint the issue with them.



Viking is an auxiliary of the Middleby Corporation. The latter has made a name for itself as the world’s largest kitchen appliance manufacturer. Due to the resources that they are provided, Viking can create and release air conditioners, ovens, dishwashers, and cooktops, to name a few. Viking products used to be exclusively released in restaurants and now they are being released into your home.



This brand is distributed and owned by Whirlpool. Maytag has become a staple of homes in Cornelius. They offer laundry and kitchen appliances for an affordable cost.

If your Maytag appliance is on the fritz, then give Mark’s Appliance Repair a call. We have years of experience dealing with Maytag appliances.



For over a century, Kenmore has been producing world-renowned home appliances. They are known for their efficiency and reliability. They outshine the competition by inserting distinctive features into their appliances. If they start experiencing any problems, then give us a call and we can properly service them.


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We are licensed to service and repair most of the major appliance brands on the market. If your appliance needs a little TLC, then call Mark’s Appliance Repair for top quality and cost-efficient service.